Pansensory offers unique solutions to the problem of how to engage, inform and entertain increasingly savvy audiences with shrinking attention spans.

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What We Do

Pansensory specializes in the kinds of storytelling made possible by Virtual, Augmented, Mixed and eXtended Reality—which we like to collectively call “*R”. In addition to developing original interactive narrative VR experiences, we offer the following services:


With decades of experience in the feature film visual effects industry, we are experts at realistically replicating a real world scene as a virtual one—or incorporating digital elements into real world surroundings. And if what you want to bring to life doesn’t exist yet, we can take absolutely any idea all the way from concept right through to execution.


Having worked on the first-of-its-kind Lost Horizon festival, the upcoming Splendour XR and the popular 5th Dimension Twitch stream by VRJAM, we are your ideal partner to produce fully virtual or hybrid IRL-virtual events. We work closely with both Sansar and Altspace VR, as well as being familiar with a number of other virtual social and collaboration platforms. 

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