Downloaded Dev Diary: Feb 2019

Downloaded, our first-person, interactive VR narrative, is now officially complete, but also officially not finished. In case you’re wondering what the difference is (I don’t blame you), what I mean by that is that the experience is now fully playable, but that there is still considerable user testing, QA and tweaking—based on the results of the user testing—left to do. Remember that unlike most films, … Continue reading Downloaded Dev Diary: Feb 2019


Two friends build a makeshift scanner to digitize people. To their surprise, it works and now YOU are trapped inside a computer, trying to work out how to escape. Downloaded is a very modern parable, addressing the role that technology plays in our lives. After all, are we not already—to one degree or another—trapped in our computers? Alas, our social media “feed” doesn’t nourish us … Continue reading Downloaded

Downloaded @ VR/AR Global Summit

What a buzz it was to show off the teaser of Downloaded to attendees of the 3rd annual VR/AR Global Summit at the PARQ Casino in Vancouver this week. There were over 70 exhibitors, including many of the biggest names in VR/AR and the broader tech sector. Our biggest of thanks go out to Downloaded co-producer Daniel Japiassu and the whole team at YDreams Global for … Continue reading Downloaded @ VR/AR Global Summit

Transcending the Screen: Why Virtual Reality Depends on Volumetric Video

To mark the release of Ready Player One, Steven Spielberg’s big screen adaptation of Ernest Cline’s seminal novel, Pansensory CEO & Creative Director Ollie Rankin published this essay articulating the need for Virtual Reality filmmakers to move beyond the 360 degree video paradigm: Transcending the Screen: Why Virtual Reality Depends on Volumetric Video Continue reading Transcending the Screen: Why Virtual Reality Depends on Volumetric Video

A Brief History of Storytelling

  Storytelling may be the oldest human tradition. Even before our ancestors developed formal language, they were experimenting with visual storytelling, hand painting colorful narratives on the walls of their caves. Then grunts gave way to words and oral storytelling was born. Over the millennia, as spoken languages became more sophisticated, storytellers were able to express ever more complex ideas. The advent of writing and … Continue reading A Brief History of Storytelling