Engage • Inform • Entertain

Before cloud storage, thumb drives, floppy disks or even books, stories were the earliest human technology for storing and transmitting information. It’s always been true that the more engaging and entertaining a story is, the more likely it is to succeed in delivering its information payload. For the story’s message to be internalized and for it to be remembered and retold, it must capture the audience’s attention and offer a meaningful emotional journey. 

Now that we all have access to the sum total of human knowledge at our fingertips, its more important than ever that we harness the power of storytelling to do good. Just as stories once taught our ancestors that certain berries were poisonous, contemporary stories can teach us that certain ways of thinking and behaving are poisonous. As storytellers, we at Pansensory take that responsibility very seriously. 

We believe that this same nexus of engaging, informing and entertaining will underpin the future—not just of immersive entertainment—but of all human-computer interactions. As smart devices become increasingly embedded into our sensory experience, the boundaries of reality and biology will blur.

Some entrepreneurs want to connect our brains directly to computers, but at Pansensory we prefer to connect people to one another. We believe that humans, united by shared ideals and goals, have almost unlimited potential. And if we’re to have any hope of turning the tide against climate change, inequality and misinformation, it’s going to take all of us working together.

As founder Ollie Rankin likes to say:

Competition got us down from the trees, but only cooperation can take us to the stars