A Brief History of Storytelling

Storytelling may be the oldest human tradition. Even before our ancestors developed formal language, they were experimenting with visual storytelling, hand painting colorful narratives on the walls of their caves.
campfireThen grunts gave way to words and oral storytelling was born. Over the millennia, as spoken languages became more sophisticated, storytellers were able to express ever more complex ideas.
The advent of writing and the printing press expanded the reach of storytelling and in the last 140 years, cinema, radio, television, games and the internet have each brought about revolutions in human (and now computer) storytelling capabilities.
In the 20th century, science fiction writers started imagining futuristic new forms of storytelling and now, in the 21st century, technology is finally catching up with their imaginations.


Pansensory is a production company, consultancy and end-to-end solutions provider specializing in creating immersive and interactive real-time experiences that engage, inform and entertain people. We offer content creation, consulting and custom technology implementations. Our team comes from the entertainment and entertainment technology sectors, bringing many decades of combined experience in feature film visual effects, games and software development.

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