Pansensory specializes in the new forms of storytelling made possible by advances in what we like to call *R (Virtual/Augmented/Mixed/eXtended Reality). In addition to developing original narrative VR experiences, we offer the following services:


With decades of experience in the feature film visual effects industry, we are experts at realistically replicating a real world scene into a virtual one—or incorporating digital elements into real world surroundings. And if what you want to recreate doesn’t exist yet, we can take absolutely any idea all the way from concept right through to execution.


Do you have a killer idea for how to revolutionize your job—or your entire industry—using virtual or augmented reality, but just don’t know enough about how it works? Get in touch and let us fill in the blanks for you.


With our expertise in content and software, plus partnerships with hardware vendors and access to custom fabrication, we can put together an entire virtual or augmented reality setup to meet your needs. Whatever your needs might be.

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